Health Insurance

There are two main types of health insurance offered in Atlanta. The first is group health insurance which is mainly configured for businesses offering health benefits to their employees. The other is individual health insurance developed for those who are self-employed or otherwise aren’t offered health insurance at their place of employement.

Giving rates for health insurance is based off age and health condition. Not many other factors go into rating so it makes it fast and easy. Actually getting the policy started is another story. The health insurance companies ask so many questions about all aspects of your health history it could make you blush. Answering those questions honestly is critical because giving false information on your application can give the company cause to deny claims.

Purchasing a policy individually will cost less than a company purchasing a policy. For example, a 24 year old non-smoking male who is in good health can purchase a policy for $89 per month while that same exact 24 year old will have their employer pay $128 per month in a group health policy. The reason for this is in a group policy the insurance company has to insure all on the policy versus an individual policy can be rejected due to risk or health concerns. The group policy takes more risk so all insured will pay more overall.

Bankruptcy in Atlanta is caused many times by medical bills and expenses that extend beyond a household budget. Health insurance can stand between you and your finanical stability. The cost is usually minimal compared to possible expenses incurred in case of an accident. Health insurance has become a common expense to households and businesses.
A group health insurance policy can change the whole tone of an office if added to the benefits package. In today’s world people are more likely to work for a company offering health insurance veruses one that doesn’t. The cost to offer group insurance per individual averages about $230 per month. The difference in the type of employee that will work more diligently due to these benefits could outweigh the cost.

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