Atlanta Car Insurance

Car Insurance in Atlanta and throughout the nation is a regulated industry. This means that when you compare rates from one company to another you can rest assured that the coverage you purchase will protect you in your time of need. Price is among the largest consideration when considering a company to provide insurance because of the nature of insurance. A client recently come in to our agency and had GEICO Insurance. The client was paying $1,464 every six months for his Lexus auto policy. When he left ABT Insurance he was paying only $890 because he qualified for a preferred driver discount. He got more coverage for almost half the cost because we were able to compare his profile to almost 50 companies and choose the best rate and coverage combination.

Insurance companies in Atlanta are all required by law to publish all their rates and make them available to the public through the Georgia State Insurance Commissioner’s Office. Comparing prices would require one to visit the insurance commissioner’s office and look at a book full of rates and numbers. Not a place you would want to take a first date. The recommended way to compare insurance rates is through an independent broker of insurance. ABT Insurance is an insurance broker that can compare over 50 companies and give you the best rate for your car. Combine your car with your home insurance and get a multipolicy discount. There are some requirements like good credit and insurance history.

The largest difference between substandard insurance and preferred insurance is the price. Preferred insurance, as you might guess, is for clients who keep a clean driving and claim record, have a good credit history as well as continous insurance coverage. A CLUE report is pulled on the person who is appyling for preferred insurance. This is comprehensive report of all the claims you have made in the past 5 years. Hopefully you have a clean clue report and can enjoy the 30-40% savings over a substandard policy.

An 18-year-old boy driving a 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo is not going to qualify for a perferred insurance policy. The partents who purchased this kind of vehicle for an 18 year old boy should get their heads examined but that is another topic all together. The regular client for a preferred policy is a married couple with a home and two vehicles. There are many variations of this type of client but the fact-of-the-matter is the proposed insured need to be able to prove a stable lifestyle and not be a risk for claims to enjoy the benefits of lower cost, higher benefit insurance.

ABT Insurance is Atlanta’s preferred insurance provider offering free car insurance quotes for preferred, standard and substandard clients. A unique benefit to having our insurance agency provide your insurance needs is we help you move up from substandard to standard into the preferred insurance policies. There are many reasons for this but the largest one is that it costs our company 10 times as much money to acquire a new client. If we can keep lowering the rates for our clients each year automatically our clients will stick with us for years to come. Providing the best rates, incredible customer service and free car insurance quotes sets ABT Insurance apart from all other Atlanta Insurance Agencies.

ABT Insurance represents a large variety of insurance providers including Progressive, Farmers, Infinity, Zurich, Mercury, Victoria, 21st Century, and Bristol West & many other insurance providers. With such a broad spectrum of insurance companies represented you are assured to get the best insurance rate in Atlanta.

Call ABT Insurance today at (770) 441-0000. We have been in Atlanta providing insurance services for over 24 years. That is how we got such a sweet telephone number. If you are looking for the best rates, wonderful customer service and automatic rate reduction service call us today, email us or fill out the form at the top of this page.