Atlanta Car Insurance FAQ

Q. I was in an accident. What do I do?
If you there are any injuries call 911. Next call your insurance agent or company and let them help advise you on the next step. People who call their attorney before 911 really creep me out.

Q. My son just turned 16 and I am afraid my rates are going to go through the roof. How can I reduce my rates with him on my policy?
A. If your son has good grades, takes a driver training course and makes sure he does not get any kind of traffic violations the impact may not be as bad as you think. It helps if you have a multi-line insurance policy.

Q. Can I let anyone drive my car and still be covered?
A. A check with your insurance agent would be best in this case. Georgia does allow a policyholder to lend their vehicle to a friend and still have the car covered. Some policies exlude certain types of drivers or have specific riders to prevent this.

Q. What are some ways I can reduce my insurance rates?
A. Clean record for 3 years, good credit, multi-line policy, safe vehicle and being married all are ways you can reduce your insurance costs.

Q. I have been thinking about dropping full coverage on my 5 year old car that I recently paid off. What are the pros and cons?
A. If your car was completely wrecked or stolen would you be able to easily replace the vehicle is the question to ask yourself. If the answer is no then you most likely should stick with full coverage.

Q. My grandmother just got her license renewed but I am afraid her reaction times just make it too dangerous. Is there something I can do?

A. My grandma would slap me silly if I tried to take her car keys. If the state has renewed her license then she is legal to drive. There is nothing you can do from a legal insurance standpoint.

Q. How are insurance rates determined?
A. Actuary's or as I like to call them "number nerds" are geeks who crunch numbers and tell insurance companies how much risk a certain car or driver is. With these numbers, insurance companies develop their rates.

Q. I just got my first speeding ticket and own a sports car. Am I going to pay heavily for insurance?
A. In most cases if you keep a clean driving record after the ticket no change to your policy will occur.

Q. After shopping at the mall I noticed someone hit my car and did not leave a note. I have a good amount of damage to my car but no police report. What should I do?
A. Call your agent or insurance company. Let them advise you based on your policy and limits.

Q. My daughter is 17 and has a 3.5 GPA in school. Is there a discount for a good student?
A. Most insurance companies give a good student rate. Talk to your agent for more details.

Q. What is the safest midsize car to drive?

A. According to the Insurance Institue for Highway Saftey the Acura TSX, TL, Audi A4, Saab 9-3, Mercedes C Class and BMW 3 Series are the Top Saftey Picks. Click the following link for more information on safe Atlanta cars.

Q. What car is stolen the most?
The 1995 Honda Civic according to CNN.

Q. How can my agent help me after hours?

Now that depends on if your agent has an afterhours service. Most insurance companies do have 24 hour service lines and that is the best way to get help on a policy after hours.

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