Business Insurance

Businesses who protect themselves against theft, law suit, fire or professional misconduct insure their businesses will last long term and reduce the potential threat of having their business interests lost to unforeseen circumstances. It is a wise choice for any business owner to evaluate their needs and find out how a business insurance policy can help actually build their business.

There are many types of business insurance including BOP (Business Owners Policy), Workers Compensation & Employers Liability, General Liablity and Professional Liability policies. Each type of business insurance provides an unique area of protection against loss. Insurance is designed to make the policy holder whole and help evaluate and prevent risk. An independent agent is able to shop many different insurance companies to give the policy holder the best rate for the best coverage.

A BOP policy is designed to provide Property and Liability coverage for small businesses. It is designed to offer a small business a broad range of coverages and give piece of mind as well as protect against loss.

Workers Compensation & Employers Liability is insurance that protects the assests of an employer’s by offering payments for medical injuries and bill if an accident occurs while on the job. The highest risk occupation in the workers compensation world is roofing. Roofers work for long hours, do the majority of their work 2-3 stories above the ground and rarely work with saftey gear. Falling is the biggest risk to a roofing company. An office employee is the lowest risk and usually is rated at the lowest rating and cost.

Companies and individuals who hire companies such as roofing contractors to provide services will ask for a Certificate of Insurance. A Certificate of Insurance gives proof that the company providing services, such as roofing, has insurance and will be responsible for any accident or injury to the employees while providing services.

General and Professional liability policies have been created to insure against loss for accidents that happen to customers of a business, loss due from professional misconduct or other types of loss that would prevent a business for being able to normally perform day-to-day operations. An insurance agent at ABT Insurance can assist you in making the correct decision in coverage amounts and acceptable levels of risk. It doesn’t cost anything to get a quote and discuss your needs with one of our experienced insurance professionals.

ABT Insurance represents many companies in order to give our clients the most options available and give them the best rates. Purchasing business insurance in Atlanta can be a difficult task but not as difficult as having a devasting loss that puts a company out of business or severly restricts their ability to make a profit. ABT Insurance has over 23 years of protecting Atlanta business from loss due to theft, professional miconduct or accidents. We represent Company One, Company Two, Company Three as well as Company Four. Each insurance company offers a unique host of benefits and is not right for every company and that is why our experienced insurance agents evaluate your needs, research the companies that fit your needs and discuss your options in plain english. Call us today at (770) 441-0000, email us by clicking here or fill out a free home insurance quote form.

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