Atlanta Insurance

ABT Insurance has been providing the best insurance rates in Atlanta for over 23 years. That amount of experience assisting helping local people find the best Atlanta Car Insurance rates gives our customer service personnel a unique ability to answer all of your questions. We represent over 50 separate companies and that gives us the ability to compare your criteria against many insurers. We have built our reputation upon finding our clients the lowest rate possible.

Giving our clients the lowest Auto Insurance rates is something that ABT Insurance does not take lightly. If you have a speeding ticket or a young driver in your household allow our team of insurance professionals assit you in getting the right coverage for the best price. Our goal is to give you a great rate but not just for this term but many insurance terms in the future. We keep your insurance information on file and ready to rerate when your rates are due to drop. We actively enter your information into our rating database in attempts to reduce your rate. Many times this can happen after a year or two of a clean driving record, upon a marriage or the purchase of a new house. Bundling car insurance and homeowners insurance is one of the best ways to reduce overall rates and increase coverage.

Looking for motorcycle, RV, ATV or other type of insurance? We offer many lines of insurance and can roll many of them into the same policy offering you great discounts and increased coverage. Ask one of our agents how by calling us at the number above or emailing us by clicking this link.

Homeowners insurance is a line of insurance that ABT has been providing along with auto insurance since the beginning. Both lines of insurance are closely related and most insureds want to combine their policies to enjoy lower rates, enjoy better coverage and make their life more simple by having all insurance under one agent. Providing better customer service than anyone in the industry is another aspect of ABT Insurance that sets us apart from our other Atlanta Insurance Providers. Simply call (770) 441-0000 or email us at and we will walk you through the process quickly. That is all it takes.

Health insurance is not a luxury for most families in Atlanta but a necesity. This is a topic of great political discussion as of late. Those who are self insured or don't have insurance offered through their place of work have little options whic are either purchase insurance out of pocket or go without. We have found that providing health insurance for your company or family is not as expensive at many think. In most cases purchasing individual policies is much cheaper than purchasing a group policy per person. Give us a call and we can give you a quote in about 2 minutes. The only questions we ask is age, general health condition and total number of people on the policy. It is almost as easy and fast to apply for coverage as well. To apply call us or email us by clicking this link.

Business insurance can range from a Business Owners Policy to Workers Compensation. We insure a wide range of businesses including contractors, restaurants and accountants and offer coverage to businesses needing insurance on their property and business equipment, employees or professional business practicies. If you are interested in getting a quote comparison let us know. We will be happy to provide one at no charge within about 5 minutes.

ABT Insurance represents a large variety of insurance providers including Mercury Insurance, Progressive Insurance, The Hartford, Grange Insurance, Selective, Safeco, Infinity Insurance Company, CNA Insurance, Travelers Insurance Group & many other insurance providers. With such a broad spectrum of insurance companies represented you are assured to get the best insurance rate in Atlanta.

Call ABT Insurance today at (770) 441-0000. We have been in Atlanta providing insurance services for over 24 years. That is how we got such a sweet telephone number. If you are looking for the best rates, wonderful customer service and automatic rate reduction service call us today, email us or fill out or free car insurance quote form.